VisitScotland – Responsible Tourism

The Responsible Tourism (RT) team had an increasing remit and with the upcoming COP26 Conference being held on Scottish soil, they had to grow their presence and offering within VisitScotland – and



Initially, a new section of the site needed to be created and added to an already densely populated megamenu.

I created some variations of the menu system in XD and tested them with a UserZoom panel. Across various screens/menus, the participants were tasked with finding the menu item that they’d click in order to see specific information.

The outcome of these test gave me the data to refine the approach to be taken – which included condensing some existing elements into a single menu column, in order to allow the RT area to be included.

Whilst this work was being carried out, I once again used the Lean UX Canvas to get the team talking about their content strategy goals – who was their audience and what problems were being faced by them?



This was another project that was ongoing as I finished with VisitScotland. I can see that the website has continued to improve in this area and that the content has stated to grow.

The menu update was introduced and Google Analytics suggests that no negative impact has been seen by the content which was condensed, whilst the presence of the RT content has grown.