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A bit of a lull

businesswoman rubbing tired eyes at office

Working from home has taken its toll on me this past week or two.


Toddlers being toddlers

Having a young son, there are times when his antics have a detrimental impact on my ability to focus/sleep/not shout!

It seems that the changes he’s experiencing are impactful enough that he’s realised how to be cheeky/naughty – and has pushed plenty of my buttons as a result.

One method I’ve had to utilise for this has been to wear my headphones on the days that he’s also ‘working’ from home.

That lets me still get my work done, but I’m equally still able to step in should World War 3 actually kick off.


Civil Service pace?

I knew that things would be slow working in the Civil Service, but as my project has taken longer and longer to get going I’ve found myself itching to get stuck in with some more prototyping.

Designing interactions is literally what I’m here to do – so when there aren’t many interactions to be designed at the moment… I kinda end up having to go back to research content.

The solution to this still escapes me at the moment – though I do hopefully have a personal project that should fill the void a little more. Hopefully.


January blues?

I’m not usually one for getting down or feeling blue and I think that the total lack of commute for the past 2 years has made that easier.

I am however just feeling a bit worn down, though I fully believe that the previous 2 points are the main culprits behind this.


Now what?

As always, my mantra is ‘Always moving forwards!’

In the last week, I’ve finished reading Good Services by Lou Down and also Focus by Daniel Goleman.

Both are quite different reads, but both were well worth the time expenditure.

Progress is still being made – just in different aspects, 2/52 books read this year! Woop!