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Almost a whole year…

I last wrote about getting to meet my team after 6 months of working with them.

Well, within the following few months, I left that team and joined another. I’m now part of a new team that I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet almost every other month since I joined in July 2022!

In a quick summary of the last 9 or so months:

  • Left Cabinet Office
  • Joined Civica as a UX Design consultant
  • Wrapped up as a tutor with CareerFoundry (though I admit to missing it!)
  • Stepped back from the Scottish Tech Army to just have a break
    • Fairly intensive client workload
  • Started investigating UX Developers/Engineers
    • A direction I’ve stumbled upon in the past

In some of the downtime I’ve had at the end of last year, and the beginning of this one I’ve been reading The 5am Club and applying various aspects of the approach to regain some time for myself and my goals.