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Daily UI – GOV UK Design System

To get more hands-on experience with the Design System, and the Prototype Kit, I decided to choose some of the ideas from Daily UI and to build them.


One component at a time

Most of the Daily UI prompts don’t really lend themselves to the kind of projects that the GOV UK design system was created for – I’ve not seen the GOV UK Music Player yet…

Things like a sign-up screen are the more generic options that you’d expect to see on a Government service – so that’s what I started with.

Sketching out some initial ideas based on some Dribbble designs I saw, I quickly realised that the GDS approach had a much clearer, research-informed approach to follow.

The Guidance for each component not only covers how to use it, but it adds more details about why it should be used in specific ways for specific use cases.


The finer details become clearer

I’ve read through these docs before, and whilst the info made sense, it didn’t quite sink in as much as it did this time around.

Reading Good Services by Lou Downe may have also added to this – I finished that the other week too.

Getting the time to consider the content for each component, the different options that may or may not be applicable and then experimenting with adding it into a prototype has been a really practical way to get more familiar with these reusable elements.


Learning in public

Along with the code/design examples, I’ve added in placeholders to describe my approach for each task – to detail the reasons for the choices that I made along the way.

At the very least, it is a cathartic process to capture your own thoughts on this kind of work. With any luck, it may also be useful to anyone else that stumbles across it too.

I’ll be updating the GitHub repo as I get time to work on this.

If you want to check it out, do so on GitHub – the readme has the required username & password info and a link to the Heroku instance for demos.