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Going too far in the wrong direction

Yesterday I clocked up about 6 hours re-working my blog using Elementor.

Today I undid all that work.


Good, but not quite right

The time spent working with Elementor was enjoyable. I’d been keen to play around with it for a while and finally got the time to do so.

I watched some videos and got stuck in laying out my pages & posts.

I had to stop to sketch out my thoughts before pushing ahead – I was working on a rough idea but hadn’t completed any designs upfront because my aim was really just to experiment.


Not what I wanted

The reason I chose to use WordPress for this blog was to just make it easy to write up a post – like this.

The classic WordPress interface is perfect for doing just that, and although the Block editor moves away from it (I’m not a fan) the Elementor UI goes even further.


Less is less, and I’m OK with that

I’d planned to add in some other content here about the projects I’ve worked on, the portfolio pieces.

I’d written up a number of them and was preparing to gather images when I started my Elementor session.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to add more to this site.

It works for me as being a blog – just a space online to capture my thoughts and experiences as I continue to do what I do.

There isn’t really any need for it to be any more than that. So it won’t be.


The experiment continues

I will continue to write here, I enjoy it and it’s cathartic.

My FrontendFolio blog will be getting the same treatment with any ideas for pages and other post ideas being removed from existence, and instead the focus will remain on writing about my work & practice in these 2 fields.

The portfolio itself will still need to be developed, but I think that it will be best to create that as a standalone site, using my domain – that seems like a relevant place for it all.