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Practicing in Public

In April this year, after some annual leave that gave me too much time to think, I started refreshing my development skills and started an effort to do more work publicly.

I started blogging at Frontend Folio as a way to try and track my progress and add in some accountability for spending more time practising.


Practising your craft/s

I’m a firm believer that practice makes you better.

Not perfect, that doesn’t exist, but better.

Time served honing your skills is what will distinguish a competent creative from a rookie, time and time again.

In mapping out some ideas for that blog, and my new Interaction Designer (IxD) role, I thought I should apply some of that focus here too.


Sharing is caring – about improving and staying sane

The work that I do at work is for the Public Sector, so it’s literally shared with everyone (most of the time). That’s great, but it’s also something that can take a long time from start to sharing.

Long projects with distant deadlines can be tough to manage.

Fortunately, I get to balance the longer-term work with some short-term projects that may only take a day or 2 rather than months and months.

I’ve been getting inspiration from the Adobe Daily Creative Challenges for XD on Behance.

I’m working on some ideas for creating ideas – how to mix in the right variable to act as the basis for personal project work.